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Thanks HopefulX2.5 for your quick reply,

My gyn prescribed clomid for 5 days starting from 3rd day of my period, now I am taking Utrogestan and Folic acid. I get cramps, tender nipples and breasts, dizziness, I feel nauseas sometimes but as you said it could all be caused by the medicine. I had the IUI ten days ago (my first one, hopefully I won't go through that again); my gyn told me I should wait 2 - 3 weeks then phone him whether I had the period or not. I have regular periods so I will take a home pregnancy test if I am late.

wish me luck,


Hello again;)

I am wishing you lots of luck. The clomid may make you have those symptoms, it did for me anyway. Seems like the day after IUI, I had really tender breasts, had to wear a bra to bed even. Also, felt almost PMS like during the whole 2ww. it was so confusing b/c I wanted to analyze every twinge and of course I was extremely hopeful.

Remember that those home tests can give you a false negative, usually your HCG has to be pretty high for it to register a positive test and sometimes it is still too early. However, the beta blood test is the best (it can detect it much earlier). So, don't get discouraged if your HPT gives you bad luck, I say until the fat red lady sings there is always a chance.

Good luck sweetie and hope your BFP is right around the corner
I am new to this board and I had my first IUI on March 24th. I am due for a blood test tomorrow morning. Not sure what to expect now. Can anyone relate????? Thanks
[QUOTE=OobieScoo;3970330]I am new here! All the posts have been so helpful. I am 36 and did my first IUI with injectables (follistim) 10 days ago. Waiting is agony... I have a question...My cycle is usually like clockwork -- ovulate on the 14th day and start my period on the 28th. However, even though i usually ovulate on day 14, my RE waited to trigger me so I would ovulate on day 17. I guess to give the folliciles more time to grow. So if I am not pg, would AF arrive on day 28 still? Or later? My RE said NO HPTs...The suspense is killing me. I am so tired, nauseous and have sore boobs, but I think those are all also side effects for the progesterone... Has anyone else had this expereince? Thank you for reading. :-)[/QUOTE]

OOBIE - your AF should come 2 weeks after "O" if that was the 17th then ... It's sad they had to mess with your perfectly good cycle!! I am on 2nd IUI and 9dp iui with Clomid only. I didn't get the trigger as my insurance wouldn't cover and it was $125.00. I had a lot of symptoms with my first one and did a blood test on the 2wks after my IUI and it was BFN. I was bummed because of all the symptom, unfortunately it was the Clomid. I did Clomid this time and all the symptoms are different this time but my BFN this morning makes me think it's still the Clomid.

Just wanted to let you know you weren't alone in the 2ww and easier said than done but - don't over analyze your symptoms, it's hard when you get your hopes up!

Good Luck and tons of sticky baby you!

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