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So, since 6dpo I have had an array of symptoms that are for me, [B]WAY[/B] stronger (and earlier in cycle) than any PMS symptoms ever before. I have felt: exhasuted, dizzy, having to frequent the bathroom more often, cramping and stretching type cramping, breast soreness, tingling, and fullness, had a really strong sense of smell recently, my areolas seem darker and nausia for the past 2 mornings and then again in the afternoons, but this morning at 14dpo, BFN!!! I thought with all these symptoms it would show up positive right away! Now, I'm thinking it was just too early!:confused:

I should mention that I have a 10 1/2 month old daughter conceived after 3 IVF cycles (2 fresh, 1 frozen) that we did due to male factor IF. We were told our chances were VERY slim on our own, but we've decided to try using acupuncture for both of us and an array of herbal meds & vitamins for DH. We've been doing that for over 2 months. I should also mention that after the blood test on the 14th day after ER ("ovulation") with my daughter, my HCG was low, too low to have been picked up by an hpt. Maybe I'm prone to late implantation? I didn't have nearly as many symptoms last pregnancy this early!!

What do you all think?!?! I'm REALLY not sure what to think!!! And, I could really use some encouragement!:(

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