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Questions after IVF
Mar 13, 2008
My body has me so confused. I triggered on 2/26, had E/R on 2/28 and E/T on 3/4. I've been on progesterone gel twice daily since then and will continue until negative beta. I get my beta tomorrow.

I can't say I've had any symptoms of PG that I know of, just sometimes feel a leeetle crampy after nite does of prog. I THOUGHT that I understood that basically as long as I was on the prog, I wouldn't be getting AF, that my beta was also scheduled before AF should show up anyway.

Yesterday ws a very stressful day and I found myself crampy, extremely irritable, and I did have some spotting. I know about the possibility of implantation bleeding, but thought that would happen earlier than this spotting did. I truly felt like I feel usually 2 days before AF comes, spotting and everything.

Since then, I feel better, no more spotting, no more cramping.

I'll also mention that being a person who likes to torture herself, I did take PG tests, one on Tues (12 dp retrieval) and one yesterday, both of which had a faint positive, the second one a liiiiiitle bit darker than the first. I do know I could still have HCG in my system that could be showing up, but wouldn't the line get fainter if that was the case, not darker??

Sorry this is long, but I'm just really hating my body right now and don't have the bulk of experience that others here seem to have.

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