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Re: IUI tomorrow!
Mar 14, 2008
Thanks again. I just wasn't sure because I thought the stuff they wash the sperm with makes them only stay for 10 hours or so. I need to RELAX! I am going to rest, no chores, no housework, I go nuts if anything is messy in my house so I am constantly cleaning. This time I have lots of activities like books and crafts I have near my bed and that is where I will be planting myself for the next two weeks along with the furbabies. Something has been bothering me for the past hour or so I didn't think much of it until now. I mentioned the lazy receptionist. When I went back for my injection I had to wait about 5 minutes so I had to hear her run her mouth. She was complaining because she is pg with her 2nd oops baby and daddy doesn't want it, slap in the face enough then she said that "all these same sex couples wanting to get pg get on her nerves!" Can you imagine if there were any in the waiting room and what business is it of hers. Whether you believe in it or not at least their child is more wanted than hers are. I don't know if I should complain to the dr., it really doesn't affect my situation but who knows if she talks like that all the time.
Re: IUI tomorrow!
Mar 15, 2008
Thank you! It went okay. My Dr. was the one on duty today and I really like her. She treats everyone as an equal, and not like she is better because she is the Dr. I was the last IUI of the day so we were waiting for the sperm to be washed. She was hanging out in the waiting room having coffee chatting like normal people. Sperm was 40 mil. and 40% mobility. It took her awhile to get my cervix in the correct position though. Hopefully the shot improved my chances. I had a little cramping all day, before and after IUI so hopfully that is a good thing.
Blood draws have been horrible for me lately. The nurse had to move the needle all around just to get any. While I was having blood drawn, the other nurse called me over and said since I was in there I might as well take a look at DH's sperm through the microscope. I get grossed out by things like that but it was interesting to see. Who knows, maybe one of those little guys I saw might just be "the one" Have a great rest of the weekend!

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