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Hi Mum One Day~
I was on this board a lot throughout my years of trying to get pregnant. I am now 7 mos preggers and like to pop in once in a while to encourage others. Your post caught my eye because you said you have severve endometriosis. I too have severe endo and had a lap. My OB said it was stage IV. I decided after my lap we would try for a couple of months and if nothing happened we would move on to IVF. We did it once and it worked!!!!

ER was not as bad as I thought it would be. You feel some craming after. It is a lot like after a lap but less recovery time. It really is not bad. I reacted well to the stimming drugs and had about 23 eggs. 8 were great and we transferred 3. One took! I hope this story gives you hope. I believe that this all happened for a reason so I could help others. Those words are hard to say when you have been disappointed so many times but I have hope for you that IVF will do the trick.


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