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Hi Natty Sweetie. :angel:

I'm not doing clomid/IUI.. but I can tell you what I do to stay positive!

I cry when I feel like I need to.
I sigh long and hard when I think I'm over analyzing myself and symptoms.
I laugh at myself when I'm looking in the mirror imagining a pregnant belly.

And I thank my DH and myself, after every failed cycle- for giving it all we had to give..even if I didn't get that BFP. :angel:

You can't help if your body isn't cooperating, you shouldn't blame yourself..or feel so down (though we all know how hard that is!) You'll get that BFP, all these BFN's are just getting you more geared up and more ready for that positive, I try to look at it positively, even though when I see that BFN I want to die.

I try to look at it and go.." Okay, BFN. It's okay. This is one more BFN to add to the pile, but this BFN will make me -that- much more excited for when I see that BFP."

It's very hard to stay positive, but you have to find little things to laugh about. Little jokes to tell yourself and you have to take it easy, I've been told too much pressure and stress makes getting pg so much harder. :( Which it's hard not to stress! Trust me, I'm an overanalizer, and over-tester. I should welcome myself to PTTA. Pregnancy Test Taker Anonymous. :D

In short (which I'm hardly ever short winded)..

Take it easy, try to take a walk on a sunny day or do like Princess and take a mini-mind vacation for five or ten minutes. It's hard to get through the days, so make the best of them because we have to get through 27 cycles days before we get that 1-day of BFP! So those 27 days are just gearing us up! hehe

Hope this month will be yours!!

:wave: Red

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