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Hi Mady!!! Good to hear from you! Hey, isn't the FSH level the one our doctors prefer to see nice and low??? I may be confusing it with something else since there always seems to be so much, but I thought for sure under 10 was good and the lower the better... I hope so and hopefully you have nothing to worry about! My E2 was 20 on CD 3 preceeding my first IVF and I was told that was perfect. So a 30 sounds good to me. :) Enjoy your acupuncture... it is nothing at all like needles used for injections or taking blood... it's really very relaxing!

As for my lupron, yes, I'm doing the 20 units. Haven't gotten a headache yet, but I know it's coming. Now would actually be a good time for one since it would distract me from the pain from my dental work! :jester: No trial transfers for me... between the fresh and 2 fozen transfers in the last 6 months my RE has had enough practice on me! ;) I don't think there will be anything too different this time around... guess we'll find out on Friday cause that is when I have my consult.

I'm going back and forth on what I want to say at my consult. My friend (who saw this RE and has a singleton and twins from him) says to just sit back and let him dicatate how we will proceed. You see, my RE really prefers day 3 transfers. I just don't know if I want to keep quiet about my considerations for day 5. I'm thinking that maybe I'll offer him a compromise... tell him that let's do a day 3 (transferring 2, hopefully 3 embies) and then let [B]all[/B] my other embryos grow and then only freeze what makes it to day 5. I don't want to get into a situation like last time where we froze 9 on day one, 6 on day 3, and then had two subsequent FET's with poor quality embies. (Can you believe I actually still have 6 frosties!!!) If the embryos can't make it to blast, I don't think I want to draw out the process with FET's that don't work. Sorry for the ramble... I'm just curious to know what you guys think. I know so many of you have experience and opinions on this and I guess I have to decide by Friday.

Curry, still wondering how your follow up beta went! Hope to see a post from you this afternoon!!!

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