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Re: U/s after IUI?
Apr 7, 2008
Hi Jennifer,

It does get more confusing the more information you get - especially when some places do things one way and others another. My RE's office also gives the trigger the night they see a mature follicle(s) (they always instructed me to do it between 9-10 pm), and then the IUI the next morning (usually around 10 am). They will also do a second IUI the following day (although DH's counts were always WAY down by the second IUI). But, I have heard from others here that their offices do one IUI the day after, and some people's offices do the IUI 2 days after the trigger. It's really confusing that there is so much disagreement on timing! Our last cycle, DH and I cheated, and he gave me the trigger at 5 pm the night before the IUI instead of at 10 pm... I don't know how much that 5 hour difference made.

As for the ultrasound after the IUI, I never had one done. I did go in for b/w 3 days after the IUI -- apparently the results will tell the office if you've ovulated.

I'm glad you found a support group! I hope that you will find it helpful, and that others will show up as well.


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