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Hi ladies!!! :D Happy Friday!

Lisa, I think it's really great that you and Dh could come to an argeement to use donor eggs! I think that's a it's a really good route to take. Have to echo Kari----good luck and keep us posted!!

April-- I feel like I haven't chatted with you in a long time! I miss you! I can't wait for your cycle to be off and running! I just know it's going to end up in a hearty BFP!! :D

Mady-- I htink it's really smart of you to take those herbs. At my work, we deal with Chinese herbs and accu, and you should SEE how many women get pg from a healthy diet and accu and herbs. Honestly, it's mind blowing. And these are women who hve tried so much. One woman, she did 4 IVF cycles, 3 of which failed, one ended in m/c. And a month after herbs and accu and steady diet, she was pg! She now has a healthy 3 year old boy.

Kari-- I can't wait to keep reading your updates!!! Have you ever read an autobiography and know how it ends? That's what I feel like I"m doing with you, I'm reading, but I already knwo it's going to end with a healthy BFP!!!

Now, I'm not sure, but I think I MAY have O'ed. CD 15. Again, I'm not sure. It's just that today is CD 17, and all my tiwnges and CM have kind of disappeared. :confused: Or maybe I'm just too tired (you can read abotu my night on my own thread) to really even notice anything is happening, I could O tomorrow for all I know. :) But anyway, I'm either in 2ww, or I'll be in it really really soon!!!

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