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Re: Kari's cycle
Apr 18, 2008
Hi Mapia!!! Thanks for starting this thread for me! It was actually perfect timing too cause I have my update after my consult today and it's prob gonna be a little long and I don't want to hog up the April/May cycles thread. ;)

DH and I had a long and very good talk with my RE today. There are some major changes being implemented with this IVF. The first is that we will be adding back LH into my stims. The first time I tried IVF and was cancelled for over-stim, we did a combo of repronex (which contains LH... I think it's similar to menopur) and pure FSH (follistim / gonal-F). Well since I responded much like someone who has PCOS, the decision was made to withdraw the LH completely in my second attempt. I did do better and made it to E/R, but my RE thinks that the quality could have been compromised by completely removing LH. Anyone who followed my fresh and two FET knows that quality was an issue with every single embryo. So the plan is to add back the repronex in the morning and keep that dose low and also keep my evening dose of follistim low... starting out at 75 and 125, respectively.

The next major change is I will start taking metformin tomorrow. I know many of you have taken it and it's commonly diagnosed for PCOS. He says this may help combat over-stimulation. The only thing I'm afraid of is that he said there is a 40% chance it will upset my stomach, but he promises there is absolutely no risk to an impending pregnancy / implantation. I'd love to hear about anybody's elses experience on metformin.

The third major change is I will take viagra (yes, viagra! :o) to help increase blood flow to my lining. Our goal is to get my lining to thicken to at least 8. I don't think I start that until next Friday when I start stimming. Has anyone ever heard of a viagra protocol in IVF?

My RE was totally on board with our decision to let all of our embies culture (no freezing on day-1 even if we have lots and lots of embies again), then we will transfer 3 on day-3, and then let all other embies go to blast and freeze those which are able to survive till blast. Our plan is to hear about the quality on day-3, but not find out how many, if any, did in fact make it to blast for freezing. Only after my beta will we find out if we got any frosties. I know it will be difficult not knowing, but DH is right thinking that if none survive to blast then I would likely feel very negative during the 2WW (and we can't have that, can we? ;) )

So that is the plan my friends. I apologize for all the detail, which probably is confusing for many of you who have never done IVF. But I feel awesome about my chances this time. I really think they are doing all that they can to ensure I get pregnant on this one. Oh, and another cool thing is that we got last years pricing. :cool: My office increased their fees by $1,400 and we got that increase waived. Every little bit helps when you're paying out of pocket!!!!:)

Thanks again for all the support my friends. I'm so excited that so many of my sisters here are going to be cycling close to me. I'd love nothing more than to see all of us move on to the Pg board with so many of our lucky friends who have already made it there. I'll be praying for every one of us! Love to you all!


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