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Good morning ladies!! :D

Holly-- Hi! :D LOL, those sandwiches and pops----oh man, I'm going to be the mother that never stops feeding her kids. I am REALLY glad that you can't OD on folic acid. I was pretty worried that if I took too much, it would have an opposite effect or something. Funny the things your mind comes up with during IF! I was really proud of DH--- we're actually on track this cycle!! We BD'd Friday which was CD 10, and yesterday, which was CD 12. Which makes me feel reeeeally positive! I feel almost silly being so positive, sort of like I'm building myself up-----it's weird. I feel positive, but scared to be too positive at the same time. I wonder what that means? Did you ever have that? But still, no matter how much I tell myself to calm down a bit, I still really positive! I mean, I'm even eating breakfast again, which I rarely (if ever) used to do! And eating healthy (excluding the beefaroni and doughnut ;)) and trying to get in a few good walks a week! I feel really good, better than I have in my last meidcated cycles and any of my other cycles. Here's hoping!!!

Pinkie-- I defintely went out and bought those boots!! And even better, they were on sale for 80% off when I went back and got them!!! So I spoiled myself even further and bought some nail polish! I haven't bought nail polish in the longest time. :D You know what, you're right!! Eating comfort foods is all right, because we need an escape sometimes from all of the strollers at the grocery store, and damned husbands/boyfriends lol. :D Really, with all we put up with, we NEED a doughnut! I found out that another of Dh's cousins....she got married three months ago, and now she's pg. I mean, I'm happy for her.....but I'm going to be montrously honest.... I'm a bit mad, because she's always been very unstable.... always drinking ( I actually think she's an alcoholic) walking in bad parts of town late at night. And giong to my MILs (her aunt) wearign low rise jeans without panties, and they're so low rise they're more liek 'crack' jeans. :eek: And she's mentally unstable....shes tried to commit suicide a few times. I just hope that knowing she's pregnant and going to be a mother in a few short months time, will change her and she'll be the mother this baby needs.

I'm so happy that Dh and I are on track this cycle, can I just say that one more time?? LOL. Honestly, it makes me feel SO good. (That sounds wrong :jester: LOL) As in, posiitve. And Pinkie, I laughed when I read your post because I did the exact same thing... only I tried on those boots and used that to my advantage. ;)

Pinkie, I think that as long as you got at least one BD session in before O, you definitely have a shooting chance!! I mean, your Dh has good swimmers, right? And even if his boys aren't perfect (and whose is??) all it takes is one! :) I think you definitely have a really very, very good chance.

Just out of it possible that you haven't O'ed yet? That maybe those were follies just maturing and getting big? I had a lot of twinges on my left side at first, and then they moved to my right, and now nothing.....but I figure they're just taking a break (way too early for me to O---I'm only CD 13). Remember that Dh's boys can live inside of you for a few days---I've heard 4-5, (even without a cooler) and all it takes is one.

Did you get any EWCM or even lotiony CM when you think you may have O'ed? Anyway, I"m hoping you do get that BFP this time around!! Everyhting sounds lik eit went well!

Its a cold and rainy day here. But I'm really surprised that actually hasn't affected my mood. :D I'm still happy and sunny me! I hope everyone is having a great day back to work and I hope the rest of our week goes by really smoothly!!!

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