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HI everyone. Totally new here. Sorry so long but here is some background...
I have been reading up a little bit on boards and have actually gotten some good answers to some of the questions that have been buggin me. I am 31 with what I believe to be secondary infertility. We lost a son at 20 weeks with spina bifida (among other issues) and My father in law in same month in 2004. As you can imagine it has taken a couple years to get through that and back on track emotionally to attempt to try again. I did, in 2005, go to see my OB/GYN about getting pg. Big Mistake! Zero offer of any types of testing. He said, "You have one child. Just lose a little weight and it will happen". At the time I was just a little dissappointed, but now I am P***** O**:mad. I have been so freaked out with so little answers about infertility that I have not really attempted to see a specialist. Scared I am sure.

Almost two months ago my DH (i think this is dear husband?) suggested that we have him get a sperm count done. His count was 43mil with 85% normal with 20% of those motile and only 15% with good motility. Motility is the issue with him on hormonal issues. He had been on prescrip diet pills that the Urologist said can cause motility issues. But I havent found any research on that. He was put on clomid for entire 72 day cycle. On day 23 now. Says he can tell difference.

I however have cycles that range from 29-46 days. Of the last 5 cycles, my electronic fertility monitor did not detect any 'peak fertility days'. My last cycle just showed high fertility until end of my cycle on day 46. Achieved all my prev pg naturally. Kind of a rude awakening. Thinking that PCOS could be an issue, have alot of the signs. Was told that I have a very minimal thyroid condition. Not one doctor who has tested me suggests that I take medicine. But the more I read, the more I wonder how much there could be wrong.

Now torn between just letting my DH finish his cycle and then see what happens or if I should bite the bullet and call the specialist that is in my cell phone and comes highly recommended (from my 6 weeks pg cousin with triplets!). EVERYONE one around me is expecting! Two of my cousins, my best friend, both of my close co workers, two of my husbands co workers wifes. There are celebrities that have had two children in the time we have been trying!!! :confused:

Insurance doesnt cover infertility and I unfortunately do not have $8-12,000 just hanging around per month to go to IVF. Does any one have ideas on estimates of testing for PCOS/US/Bloodwork for fertility issues. I made appointment once but chickened out and cancelled. Scared that there may be scaring from last D & E when lost son. Had hystersalpingogram before last pg. Gun shy from last Doc I guess. Thanks for the info in advance.

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