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Re: Infertility
May 7, 2008

Sounds like this ladies did an excellent job of explaining things. That is the unfairness of IF, there are so many factors that have to be perfect and everything has to be aligned perfectly. Oftentimes, we look for clues to find the explanation for things, and there isn't always one that can be seen so easily. It is best to have some baseline testing done on both the male and female. Sometimes, issues can be found this way....unfortunately too, sometimes there is nothing notably wrong. Unfortunately, egg quality can not be so easily tested unless you remove it from the body (ie. IVF) Even then sometimes it still remains "unexplained" It can be inhospitable cervical mucus, egg quality could be low or very poor, sperm may not be able to penetrate the egg's outer shell, the fertilized embryo may fail to implant, or the female body may not produce enough progestrone or estrogen to support the growing fetus. The male may have no sperm, poor quality sperm, morphology issues, etc.

Fortunately, the world of IF has grown and developed so much that many issues that were once impossible to overcome in the past can be corrected or manipulated to ensure a successful outcome.

I would recommend having preliminary testing done on both of you if you are concerned...and remember whatever the issue has no bearing on you as a person and is no punishment for whatever wrongs you have done in the past.

Lots of luck to you

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