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Re: Bfp?!?
May 5, 2008
hi! i just tryed to call doc but lines are busy.....i have my hcg blood work scheduled for wednesday (2 more days!) but the reason i am trying to call today is because i have to take heparin shots 2x daily so i dont know if they need to know asap or if i just wait till wednesday? i have told a few people in my family but for some reason i am not at all excited because of all th M/C i have had.. the only symptoms I have are very sore BB's and strange feeling in my tummy. I just feel like if I get too excited I will be setting myself up for yet another disappointment and on the other hand I feel like if I dont get excited then I wont have the emotional attachment to the baby when it is born. I dont have kids so I dont know what to expect. I feel really good too and thats amother thing usually i have morning sickness but right now i am just nausous.. i have never taken heparin shots or lovenox (not sure which one i will be using) so I hope it works and i will edit this page when I get ahold of someone at the doc....thank you for caring!!
Re: Bfp?!?
May 6, 2008
hi girlies!!

ok doc appt went well. they showed me how to give the shots. but before i can take them they ran a few blood tests. and instead of doing hcg tomorrow they went ahead and did it today but i might not get my results back till 8:30 am but i will post what my results are as soon as i find out.. thanks again for all your support ladies!!! oh and i guess my doc called in progesterone to be checked yesterday when they were checking my hcg and my progesterone was that good?
Re: Bfp?!?
May 7, 2008
ok ladies HCG on monday was 37 and on tuesday it was 80 so my doc says thats a good rise and i can go ahead a start heparin shots!!

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