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Dana, I just want to thank you so much for your encouraging post. It couldn't have come at a better time. I know I've tried to put on a positive front but honestly I've spent a good part of the afternoon crying, so fearful that my last try for a biological child may very well fail. Hearing that you are 7 weeks along with twins after transferring B grade embies, well it really made me feel so much better (and also got the waterworks going again). :o. Congrats to you and wishing you a very smooth pregnancy.

Teach, thank you for your encouragement. I really feel desperate to develop the ohss next week cause I feel that there's no way I could actually get pregnant and not develop worse symptoms. It's good hearing you sound so positive during your continued recovery. I too have been ordered to start measuring my gurth at least once a day. I'm nervous to ask but anxious to know... When did you first start to feel really bad? It was after transfer right?

April, it really made me smile reading how you'd pray for all 4 of us :) I appreciate your support so much... I've really felt like I could count on you for consistent heartfelt support and encouragement and I can't wait to return the favor as you are now getting your cycle underway!

Kel, thank you for the babydust and your prayers. I'm just blown away that you continue to be so generous with your time and kind words considering you are still working so hard and at the same time so far along with twins!!! Thank u my friend... Thank u so much:angel:

I had my transfer on a Thurs. and it wasn't until the following Tues. evening that I started feeling bad. By Thurs, I was vomiting and had diarreha and they admitted me to the hospital on Friday. It has now been about 2 1/2 weeks since the symptoms started and I am almost back to my original size. (I still need to lose about 2 1/2 inches, but it seems like a lose an inch every other day!) Now that it is all over, it was def. worth it! Just make sure that you take it easy. They may have been part of my problem. I took it easy for about 3 days after the transfer, but then went back to work. I am a 4th grade teacher, so I am on my feet all day. That probably didn't help! Just make sure you are careful and rest as much as you can!!

Good luck, I'm sure things will go well for you!
YAY for only 2 weeks Teach!!! Will you drop me an update after the next u/s??? I bet you will get to see the heartbeat, tho it's likely way too early to hear it. Don't worry about not feeling pregnant... many of our IF sisters here have gone thru the same thing and all is just fine. Look forward to hearing about your appt on Wed!
Hi Lori!!!!!!!! Yes, I do think this is the one!!! And it looks like I may become a mommy very soon after you! I'll be following in your footsteps!!! :D:D:D OMG, I'm so excited for you!!! So far 2008 has been a great year for some of us IF sisters that go way back! Congrats, congrats, congrats to you (do you have a name picked out???)!!!! And hopefully you will be saying the same thing to me in a couple of weeks!!! :angel::angel::angel:
Hi Mrs!!!! Well it's really no worries that I wasn't feeling well... In fact I was kinda hoping it'd get worse, but it's only gotten better. Oh well, guess there's still a great chance of BFP even if I don't get the bad OHSS. So no more RE visits for me till beta. And I really don't think I'll hpt just cause this time I actually promised my nurse I wouldn't.

Sounds like you and DH were getting lots of mommy and daddy practice taking care to keep all 3 pooches happy this weekend! Will you be keeping any of the pups? DH and I have been strongly debating whether to get a puppy... We're not sure if it's best to do it before we have a baby or after. I can argue both sides I guess. Really my main concern is disheartening my current furbaby who I've had for over 10 years... I think he'd be so confused and sad. Kinda like the way your boy sounded this weekend!

Holly, Princess, Kelley, I hope these good positive feelings are right on! I'm so nervous tonite... I don't know how I'm gonna make it another 8 days! I feel so desperate for a BFP on this one.
Hello my friend! I have been thinking about you soooooo much. I wanted to check on how you are holding up?! I hope you and DH are keeping busy to help this wait go by faster!!
How are you feeling? I do hope this BFP comes to you with no complications! I just know your little ones are in there to stay and no matter what your 9 months will bring your beautiful family. I just pray its a perfect and healthy 9 months!!!

So As we get closer, I am happy to say, I don't think anything will stop us this time from our first try at IVF. It seems like one thing after another has stopped us in the past but, DH and I have been sitting down and really talking about it. I actually am getting more and more excited and nervous about it as its sooooo close. Well, after the 17 months we have waited..... the next few weeks seem like nothing! ;)

Well, I am still sending lots of prayers for you and your tiny but, fast growing little ones! HUgs!!!!!

I was just thinking about you again! SO I wanted to remind you (as if you forgot, or haven't been thinking about it! ;)) that your 2ww is more than half over! You are sooo close to that great day when you get the good news we are all waiting to hear!

So other than just wanting this round to be the one..... and it is;) what would be the perfect result after your 9 months comes to an end. One little one..... Or twins..... triplets?? All boys, all girls? A couple of each?? lol I always say healthy first and whatever I am meant to have buuuuuuut, I really would love healthy triplets. One boy and 2 girls!! You know, that is if I could write the details of my next year!!! What about you, do you have any thoughts either way???
Hey Kari-

I was just checking on you, and after reading your post, I think you are well on your way to a BFP!!! And don't feel bad about laying around and resting. I was on bedrest for 2 weeks with mine. The more you are up and about, the worse it gets. I think that's why mine was so bad. I went to work 3 days after transfer and was on my feet all day long! My tummy is almost back to normal, only about 2 1/2 inches left, but I'm guessing it may not go back with my little ones in there!!!

Just stay positive your big day is almost here!!! YAY!!!
Kari sweetie, am so happy for your news, remember my last ohss when I said I looked six months pregnant and couldn't fit into any of my clothes. Well my RE told me that the ohss will reduce about two days after transfer then come back two days later if I am preggers. So if yours subsided and then came back, honey you are 100% definitely preggers. Am so happy for you and I believe this is it for you. I will continue to pray for you. Hold on tight, you've only got three days left till the big beta day.

Yay! I'm so glad you guys are with me on this! It really has to be it! I was so uncomfortable last night I couldn't sleep. Only thing is I keep having these pains in my tummy too... some up high some way down low, kinda sharp, sometimes they hurt pretty bad. I keep praying that all of this isn't gas or something else but I can't imagine with the bloat that it's not related to OHSS. I've been debating calling my RE this morning but I'm still not gaining weight and I'm still passing fluids so I don't really see what he can do.

Mrs, I agree we need to prepare mentally for any of the possibilities. I'm glad you can relate to wanting the gender to be a surprise. As for multiples, your RE will be certain to discuss all the risks when you get geared up for your IVF cycle. We got tons of paperwork on it. Would you ever consider adoption even after IVF? Hey, that sports hall of fame thing sounds cool... What part of Indiana are you near? I worked in lots of places all thruout Ind. and my DH's family is from Kokomo! I love all the green grass there! Well I am def continuing to chill (w/ furbaby!)... Have fun at the golf tourney today!!!

Cashahn, your turn is coming too!!! Things are getting so exciting!!!

Teach I agree you prob didn't help yourself going back to work so soon... I def feel better when I'm resting! Glad you feel better... And yeah, don't be surprised if you don't get those 2 inches back! :)

Hey Aimee! I meant to ask how is the carpal tunnel? I just recently read how that can be pregnancy induced! I hear it goes away after giving birth. I can't wait for you to meet your girls! Oh, and I hate to disappoint but beta is Wed, not Tues. Arghh... Seems like forever!

Hey Holly! I love that you are so positive for me! :) I do feel like this is it. Oh man I really hope what I'm feeling isn't self-inflicted dilusion!

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