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Ok I'm 27, have 7 y/o precious girl from a previous relationship. I have irregular periods (always have), questionable PCOS, questionable endometriosis, have had a 7cm cyst on L ovary b/f. Have been overweight for the majority of marriage, but have recently lost 55lbs to help with conception. My husband had undescended testes at birth requiring surgery, Bilateral inguinal hernia repairs at 4, and epididymitis twice. I have taken Clomid 50mg for two cycles without ovulation on the proper day. Doc says I ovulate b/c I do have periods. They are usually every 5 to 8 weeks, last 6 days, painful for 1st couple of days then normal. My husbands sperm count is low, but his morph and motility is fine. Urologist friend said that he would need to take Clomid and we might need to do IUI. I am just confused about the whole thing. I started using progesterone cream to help regulate my periods but I don't know the days to start and stop. I started use on day 12 and stopped on day 27. On day 28, I felt like I having an ovarian cyst, sudden swollenlike pain on L lower pelvic region, swelling pain dissipated after 3 hours but is still slightly sore the the touch 24 hours later. I took and OPT and it was slightly positive. I figure I started trying to release the egg, developed a cyst causing the pain, it ruptured and now I am a little sore. But, I did try to ovulate. I am a nurse and am not opposed to try home IUI. I am sure it is not as successful as if done in the clinical setting, but nevertheless it is worth a try. So my questions are...

Can you still release an egg even with cyst development?

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions of remedies for our conditions?

Does anyone have any advice for days to use progesterone cream?

Does anyone have any advice for the L pelvic pain?

Advice Diverticulitis vs. Ovarian cyst? no history of dvtlts but + for ovar cyst

Any advice for natural male treatment for low sperm count?
he did quit eliminate alcohol consumption and switched to boxers
Any advice would be great! I am open to anything! I know I'm not a doc, just a nurse, but I just really want to figure this out on my own without spending money that I don't have on fertility treatments! Thanks!

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