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Hi Hazel!

I'm so excited that your cycle has begun! I can't wait to follow your progress. :D Regarding the BD while on lupron/lucrin, it is perfectly fine as long as you are using protection. I know it seems weird to have to use protection when you are doing something as involved as IVF to [B]get[/B] pregnant, but there is some risk of birth defects if you conceive while you are taking the lupron/lucrin injections. So, they tell you to use protection during that time just to be safe. There is nothing wrong w/ BD'ing right now though. In fact, if the spark is back, I say enjoy every minute of it. :D It can only help relieve stress & bring you & DH closer during this highly stressful time. It won't harm your cycle, & in fact may help on an emotional level. Not to mention, once you trigger, you will have to abstain for at least 3 weeks, maybe longer (we had to abstain for 6 weeks), so I say get it in while you can! :D;):D

Yep I agree with Holly, you can BD on Lupron, just use protection because you can still get pregnant and it has been known to cause birth defects. I was on a lupron like drug for 5 monthes and we had to use protection the whole time :( and also once I got my BFP from IVF we had to abstain the whole first trimester :) and now the whole third trimester so I say ENJOY it while you can. :angel:AimeeM

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