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Re: May/June Cycles
May 22, 2008
Mady, just to add to what April and Holly has already said... do not forget that all of my embies were fragmented... not a single A grade! I believe in the power of three on day-3!!!! I think it is great that your RE calls the day before transfer with the embie update. With all four of my transfers it was difficult getting bad news on the quality of my embies just minutes before transfer. I think one thing that helped me this time is that I refused to get down after we got our report card. In the past, I was in tears as they rolled me into the procedure room. I'm sending loving, positive thoughts to your embabies right now!!!! You've just got to be graduating along with me this time!!! How are you feeling? Fully recovered from E/R?

April, I'm so glad to hear that the headaches are better already! Do you have morning and evening doses of stims starting tomorrow, or do you just stim in the evening?

Lisa, a lot of doctors prefer to transfer 1 embryo on first time IVF patients, especially if you are under 35 and especially if the embryo made it to blastocyst (day 5). All four of my transfers were day-3's and I never had a good quality embie. The first time my RE would only transfer 2. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th try my RE transferred three, but believe me he was hesitant all three times. When I had my transfer a couple weeks ago and was resting after the procedure, DH and I could totally overhear RE talking to the couple on the other side of the curtain from us. He said since they had such good quality blasts, he only would transfer one. (At the time it actually upset me cause I'm thinking ok, you just put THREE back in me... that says something about your expectations with my embies! But he has said all along, outcomes from cycle to cycle often are drastically different and I guess I'm living proof.) Since you are doing donor, it's more likely you'll have a good number of eggs (hence embies) to work with... that means you may get some frosties out of this cycle too, so it could be more than just one shot for you!!!
Re: May/June Cycles
May 28, 2008
Hey ladies, beautiful day today, isnt it.
Things are starting to move in the right direction for all of us, Kari is already 5weeks and 1 day along and started together with Bees the big string of BFP's.

Lisa, sorry to hear you had the blues, you already strated the BCP's, congrats, you are in the game. I wouldnt worry about the glass of drink, you are doing donor, right, you have no worry. Alcohol is not good for the eggs, or for the embryo. You are safe. Have some wine for me too please :D
I just saw you are from FL, me too. I am an hour away from Mickey. Went last year to Key Largo, and got the glass bottom boat ride to the coral reef, it was awesome, it sounds like a great vacation, your DH ideea is great.

April, good luck to your tomorrow appt. I hope your follies are progressing nicely.

Estella, my RE is recomending 3 days of bedrest and other 2 of light activity after transfer. With you having a desk job, you shouldnt worry to much.

Cashahn, I have so much hope for you this cycle, dont you have like 9 super embies on the ice? About your lining, dont worry, the best thing about the FETs is that you can really take your time. You can hold the transfer until lining is ready.

Princess, feeling better already?


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