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Holly, you said it's been a lovely weekend simply because I am still high in all the BFP glory. I just can't come down from the clouds :angel:

Hi CMarie! What's funny is I of course recall that you had triplets with your BFP and I actually went back over the weekend and retraced your posts with your HCG levels... I was like, oh boy! :D I keep telling myself right now that I have twins. Not sure if it's intuition or maybe wishful thinking... please understand that's I'd love 3 and we want more than 3 kids anyway, I'm just worried about the health/prematurity factor. Anyway, I also know enough that HCG alone can not alone predict multiples... that ultrasound on Friday is going to give us the answer to the big question!!!!:) And I think the journal idea is brilliant... I just may start that right away. I'm still spending tons of time on the couch so it would give me something nice and productive to do and I think my little one(s) would benefit someday from knowing just how badly their DH and I wanted them!:angel:

Kelley!!! Oh girl, can I please tell you how worried I was about you! I didn't realize you were taking a trip! Hope you enjoyed yourself! Thanks for the happy (((hugs)))!!!

Princess oh my good friend, you do not sound silly... I think you just get it!!! I really do feel like I've waited forever and it's so good to know that it's my turn... this is MY time! I'm gonna be that preggers person walking down the street!!! And I am SOOOOOOO thankful. I will not take a second of this for granted, ever. I know I have many friends that are still struggling and don't deserve the wait forced upon them. But we are definitely getting there one BFP at a time... I pray yours comes with your current cycle!!!! Love you girlie!

Eva, welcome to the board and thank you so much for your warm congratulations! I appreciate your kind words.:angel:

Well my friends, I'm still enjoying every second of this BFP. I don't know if the OHSS has gotten better, but it hasn't gotten worse. My tummy still feels/looks huge which I think is cool... I call it my preggers belly (which few people have at 4wks6days!):cool: The only thing that I don't like is I still have some pretty moderate cramping... I'm not complaining (I've told myself not to complain about anything during this pregnancy) but it is scares me. It usually comes when I feel like I have to have a BM, and it usually happens in the middle of the nite (I'm up on avg about 3 hrs between midnight and 6am... def getting prepared for mommyhood!). I think it's OHSS related which makes me feel better. But I tell you I inspect the darn TP every time I go just fearing I may see some blood. Luckily though so far, so good!!!! :angel:

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