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My wife and I just got news that my sperm morphology is 1% normal using strict methods. All other counts where considered excellent though. I will be seeing a urologist in 2 weeks and will repeat the sa to get a second opinion. We where pretty much told that our only option would be IVF and ICSI. My question is, since this procedure is fairly new does anyone know of statistics not for the success rate of the procedure, but for the brith outcome relating to brith defects after this procedure.

We cannot help but think that with natural selection we have not been successful in conceiving. How can we clearly assume that the embryologist is selecting what may "look" like a good sperm, but in fact may have a chromosome or dna abnormality that will cause birth defects.

I have not been able to find any studies on IVF/ICSI and brith outcomes. Has anyone out there gone through this and could you provide any insight.

Please Help!:confused:
Peart, I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I wouldn't say that ICSI is a new, it has been around for over 10 years. There are many women here who have done IVF with ICSI (myself included) and many have gotten pregnant by the procedure. There are definitely conflicting reports on whether or not there is an increase in birth defects on ICSI babies. That being said, there is not evidence to support this thought. As for being worried about the embryologist picking the wrong sperm, I would say your chances of getting a good spream via ICSI are better than nature.

I understand your hesitation towards this procedure as it is a new option for pregnancy in your books. Unfortunately, this is something that you and your wife will need to decide on your own. But please know that this process creates wonderful children, and your chances for a birth defect are not proven to be any higher than if you were to have a child un-assisted.

Good luck - April
Hi Peart,

My DH had a very similar problem. I'm not sure exactly what the percent was, but he had a morphology problem. We underwent IVF with ICSI. I am currently 10 weeks pg. with twins!!! (It was even our first try!)

My RE explained the birth defects by saying that the sperm that are united with the eggs that are not good (meaning would possibly cause birth defects) will not make it to the transfer day. He said that your chances of having a child with birth defects are no greater than if you got pg. naturally. My RE does a 5 day transfer. I had 7 good eggs and only 2 made it to the 5 day transfer. He said that we can assume that the reason the others didn't make it is because the sperm wasn't strong enough!

I hope this helps. You can also get statistical rates from your RE if that makes you feel better.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions!
Good luck,
Hi! I'm not sure of the percentage for birth defects...I was worried about that too when I did IVF with ICSI back in '06. But, there are conflicting reports as April said. But, after doing 2 IVFs and one frozen inbetween, I did get successful on my 2nd fresh try (with ICSI) and my daughter is a healthy, normal 13 month old.
I do know that you can test the embryos on day 2 or 3 before they are transfered back to check for abnormalities in the chromosomes and such. This genetic testing is extra and most places only do it if requested or they see a problem. And, there are tests you can do during pregnancy to detect for potential problems. I'm not sure of your wife's maternal age, but you can opt to do an amnio which tests a multitude of things.
Good luck!!:angel:
Thanks for all of your replies.... My wife is 33 and as far as we are told no other issues exist....just the morphology issue which is concerning (chromosome abnormalities and such).

I was wondering when genetic testing comes into play, so I guess they can do that during the fertilization process.

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