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Hi girls! ****REMOVED****

Lovely, I am so glad you've dropped an update. I know you've been taking the lurpon for a little while now... are you getting close to stims??? I hope our journey's continue to mirror each other and you too will soon be posting on the other side. :angel:

April! I am very happy with your numbers!!! 9 healthy dividing embies is a beautiful thing!!! All that matters is that you get one or two good ones in there and I'm very hopeful that you will having 9 to work with here on day 2! I'm sending positive thoughts to your embies right now and I just know they are gonna hang in there and make you proud. I won't tell you not to worry, cause I know that it's near impossible to not worry about something during each stage of this process, but just know that I'm feeling very hopeful and excited for you!

Mady my friend, it is good to hear from you and I'm glad that you are hanging in there. I know that feeling of fresh pain, and it's the worst. But yes, it will eventually subside (even tho you will never forget it), and I'm so glad you are talking about a future cycle... maybe even with a different doctor. I certainly understand where you are coming from there. As for the weight gain, well tell me about it. I can relate (and I'm talking before the BFP). I also used to be the skinny one and after a year of IF treatments I easily became one of the bigger girls in my group of friends. I did Southbeach in Aug-Nov of last year and lost 20lbs, but all of that came right back on in Feb with my last FET. It's such a struggle and I feel like it will be for the rest of my life now. Anyway, I wish you all the best with your 15lb goal. The good thing with weight loss is that you actually do have control over it, unlike IF. I'm not saying it's easy, but with hard work and will power it can be done. So where do you think you will be going on vacation?

Princess, I look forward to hearing good progesterone numbers from you on Monday!!! Do you know if you will get the results then, or if you will have to wait a day or two? Hope your tummy feels better... you are too nice a person... I think I would stayed far far away from your co-workers lunch!!! :) You know what, you are going be one heck of a mommy... the things you do to make other people feel good and happy, well I can only imagine what you are gonna do for your own children!!!

Pam, tons of luck for your E/R tomorrow! I can't wait to hear how many eggs they get! This is always such an exciting part of the process! ***REMOVED*****

Cashahn, it's almost transfer day for you!!! Thinking of you and looking forward to hearing that everything went well with the thaw and of course with the transfer itself. Are you putting two back?

Lisa, hey there! How exciting that you got your schedule!!! It really is so cool to get the dates!:cool: Just a few more weeks till lupron! As for having a safety sample of DH's boys on hand, well it's definitely not a bad idea. I know I thought about it for my IVF's. We never did go thru with it, and luckily there never was a problem, but let's be honest... it is a lot of pressure for our DH's!

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