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Pam, WOW!! And you were so scared, and positive that it was negative! See! Well, just to reassure you that everything is fine...My first beta after my 2nd fresh IVF was 9 days post transfer (or 14 days past O[ER]) and it was only a 28. But, it more than doubled each time (they made me do 4 betas!!). And my daughter will be 14 months tomorrow! So, it happens, it's okay, and besides all that, it was probably too early anyway! BTW, you never really confirmed it but, did you take an hpt before the beta? What did it say? Oh, and congratulations!!:D

Cashahn, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

Hazel, glad to see the transfer went well! Here's to a speedy 2ww without stress!:angel:
Hello everyone...

April, Cashahn, Heather - bigs hugs to you... hope you're doing a little better. I feel your pain so much. Hope the time flies to your next cycle :angel:

Lisa - wow, its injection lesson time already! :) Thurs will be here soon!!!

Whit -- Just as KM said OPKs did not work for me either, although it was always confirmed that I ovulated. Also, I am also a low temp person, so my pre-O temps were never higher than 96.8 and in fact most days I was as low as 96.5... my RE confirmed that your base level (whether low or high) has nothing to do with any issues -- as long as you see the temp shift.

Pam -- sorry to be late with my congratulations!!! :) really happy and excited for you!!! Pls stay calm and hang in there... I am sure all will be well with your u/s... cannot wait for your update on July 1...:angel:

My update:
I am now 4dp2dt (does that make sense?) and i am still trying to be flat on my back for as much of the day as I can... it is really hard esp. since normally my day is so busy and active... and worse, I am not even sure if it will help... anyway, decided to give it my best shot anyway... in fact DH has been doing the cooking etc. and I am completely off all kinds stuff and am just resting (in bed or on the couch)... and I have one more week of medical leave to go :( Out of all the parts of IVF, this 2ww has got to be the most excruciating (Pam - borrowing your description, cos its perfect!).

Symptoms?? -- some cramping, the most was on 2-3 days after transfer... but knowing that mine was a 2-day transfer isn't 2-3 days post too soon for implantation?... TMI warning!! - I also have some dry-ish CM but that could just be anything... BBs are sore but have been since just before E/R... so... so... aaaarrrrrghhhh!! :mad: going crazy... ONE QUESTION - to those of you who got your BFP through IVF, did you all have implantation bleeding?... 'cos I dont...
anyway... I have a progesterone test on Thursday (June 26). Then my last HCG injection is on Sunday (June 29) and then nothing until my Beta on July 7 (Monday)... Spoke with DH last night and decided that I would hpt on the morning before (so July 6, Sunday)... at least that would better prepare us for disappointment... sorry to be negative, but I am just trying to prepare myself for the worst :confused: ... with all the set backs we have had in life for things we badly want, I will not be surprised if my near-perfect cycle ends in a BFN... we'll see...

Kari, Charlene, Km, Holly - thanks for your lovely support :angel:

Take care everyone...

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