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April, YAY! How exciting that your nurse already phoned with a new calendar for you!!!! I will keep my fingers very tightly crossed that AF cooperates and shows when expected. But I certainly know what you mean about your system being controlled for so many months... it makes it weird when all of a sudden you're off the meds and your body is on it's own again! Hopefully there will be no hiccups in the next month or so!

Hazel sweetie, there is no need to apologize for not coming over to the Pg board to check on us. I was in your shoes for a very long time, and I clearly remember the feelings that would overwhelm me at the thought of going over to the other side "to visit" when I was struggling so hard with IF. And anyway, as good as all is going right now, it is likely you'll be posting your own updates soon on the other side!!!:angel:

Lisa, I'm so glad DH was more sensitive last nite. It's hard enough to go thru the pain with support and I know how much more difficult it is when our DH's say the wrong thing. I'm so glad you are sticking with this donor. Your RE sounds like he is doing everything just perfect to ensure you will get a sticky BFP on your very first go!

Soleil, I'm sorry to hear you are already fearing the OHSS. I battled a similar problem with each of my IVF tries. The first go at it (a year ago), we did not expect me to overstim as I never had any prior symptoms of PCOS. I was on an avg dose of stims, and before we knew it I had over 54 follicles and my E2 was over 7300. We tried to coast, but it didn't work and we had to cancel. I was devastated. But it was the right call, and I respect my RE for putting my health before his statistics (no doctor wants to show high cancellation rates). My second go we upped lupron, adjusted the stims and ended up with 31 eggs. I took a half dose of the hcg trigger, we proceeded with the fresh transfer (even tho my RE was a bit fearful I could still get OHSS if it took). It did not work, nor did subsequent FET's from that batch. My recent third stim cycle produced 36 eggs... this time I did a full dose of the trigger shot and we transferred 3 embryos on day 3. I felt fine until one week after the transfer. That's when the OHSS hit hard. The good news for me was late-onset OHSS tends to be an indicator of pregnancy. And pregnant I was... with triplets. I'm now 9.5 weeks, and I actually still have some of the OHSS symptoms, mainly the swollen ovaries and excess fluid. The OHSS can not be treated once it starts, but it can be managed... you just have to pay attention to your body, and the second you experience the bad symptoms (like rapid weight gain or dehydration) your doctor will get you checked in and monitored. It's rare that it gets severe so keep that in mind to help curb your fears. I knew I was at risk with second and third fresh attempts and I'm so happy that I proceeded anyway. This pregnancy is definitely worth everything that I've been thru. I hope you will be just as blessed, and hopefully your success will come on your very first try!!!!!!

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