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Hello ladies sorry i havent written i have alot going on right now. I always say i cant catch a break i am not suppose to be stress and my aunt who is my second mother is in the hospital fighting for her life.

Hazel you know what i really that was diffrent from when i got my bfn and from my bfp this cycle i acting as if i did not do ivf but like it was more natural like i didnt know. but with the exception of no smoking no alchol and not doing nothing strenous. i did lay on my back as much as i did on other cycles and i did my transfer the thursday and my freind had a baby shower party the saturday night i went i mostly sat down but my husband wanted to dance at times and we did but more easliy than we usually do and i left the party five in the morning i slept till three went to a barbaque still sat most of the time. What i am trying to say we drive ourselves crazy trying to be careful. From what I see it doesnt matter what we do if it is meant to be it will be. Just try to go on liking nothing is going on. I did not have no kind of bleeding whats so ever so when my little one implanted i have no idea. so i am proof everyone does not get it. I know its easier to be negative because you prepare yourself for disappiontment remember how i was but try to put some positive in there. I am praying for you sweetie.:angel:

Bilodeli that is great you will be starting injections soon and your re is right its not as bad as it looks i never had problems with injections the only one that gets me is the progestrone and it hurts because its in the same area.

Whit that is great you are in the two weeks try to keep busy to make the time go by when is your beta day?

To the rest of my ladies stay strong and dont give up it will happan.
Hi my beautiful women how are you guys doing i am sorry i havent been on and supporting you guys but i am going threw a tramatic time write know my aunt is fighting for her life right now. I am very stress trying not to be but i just wanted to write i went for another beta this morning couldnt wait till the first and my beta was 233 and progestrone is 32. I hope everyone one is staying strong. I will post as soon as I can. Much hugs.

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