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Lovely :) was wondering where you were! Thanks for starting the new thread!... wow, what I wonderful fertilisation report!!... well done!! and welcome to the 2ww :) Hope you're resting well... pls keep me updated with any symptoms you experience. I've not had too many at all.

Whit -- yay, 8 more days to go to 7/7. So nice to share the significant date with you! Hope we're both in for a celebration that day! :angel:

Km -- so lovely that you will be taking your daughter with you to the clinic! I know what you mean about other people bringing toddlers - I felt the same way (hopeful :)). Pls keep us updated on how things go. Re. my beta - I think the reason why my clinic only does it on the 19th day after E/R is because until D11 (today in my case) I am on HCG injections, so I think they need us to be off of those for a good period of time so that the HCG from the injections does not interfere with the test.

Pam - so good to hear from you. And congrats on a great beta. Pls take care of yourself during this difficult time in your life. Pls know that we're praying for you... Take care, honey.

Well, no further symptoms other than the slight cramping off and on. My last HCG shot was this morning, so no more medications or anything... just a plain old wait until Beta day. At this point I am thinking about Poas the day before beta... however, I am so terrified of knowing the result that I might just chicken out :( don't know... will see how it goes I guess. Actually my beta is so many days after, that Af might just be here before that... so not sure... trying to stay positive though!

Hope you're all having a great weekend ladies!

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