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Hello everyone. I have posted a few times, but I don't often get time to post since I am pretty busy, but I try to keep up with what everyone is saying. So far, it seems like there has been a week of not-so-good news. I think I made add to that, unless someone has something encouraging to say.

So, I started my stimulation injections on Friday (so tonight will be my fourth injection). When I started on Friday my estrogen was 48. This morning, after just 3 days of follistim, my estrogen was 1600 and I have had nausea and vomiting for two days. My doctor reduced my dose of follistim from 225 to 175 for Monday and Tuesday night, but I do not go in for another blood draw or an u/s until Wednesday. I am pretty worried that the cycle will be canceled because of OHSS and my DH is really worried about me getting really sick with OHSS.

Has anybody had estrogen levels this high? Any advice?
Hi to everybody,

I am sorry to hear that it seems to have been a rough week on this thread. I am really hoping that this means that things are going to turn right around right away.

Soleil - I am not too familiar with estrogen levels, so I'm sorry that I can't help. But, I do hope that your cycle can continue as planned. Did your doctor give you any indication of whether he/she was worried? I hope that you're feeling better.

Km - I'm sorry about DH's SA. Although I do think that dehydration and the other factors really pay a role - so I hope the next one is much higher.

Hazel - Congrats, and I'm happy to hear that all is well.

Cashahn - How are you doing and feeling?

Sending lots of sticky babydust, and thinking of you all.


Solange - I'm sorry that AF showed. It's so unfair, I hope that you can start back up with your follistim tomorrow.

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