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OMG! I have been so stressed this morning about my cycle!:dizzy: I called the office hours after my husband did his SA and the secretary very nastily told me that it takes 4-5 days for the results to come back...and even after I said that I was told I could get them today, she was like "No!" Then, she proceeds to ask me why I didn't come in today for blood and sono, and I'm like, I was [I]suppose[/I] to come in but...and then I practically hung up on her in tears!:o Today was suppose to be the day I was to start stimming if I had stopped BCPs on Saturday but they told me to wait it out for the SA so I thought that appointment was cancelled!! Anyway, I talked to my IVF nurse (who I love because she is definitely going that extra mile for me already!:D) and she got it all taken care of. She got the results (just not the morphology which takes 4-5 days) and made sure my RE saw them today. They just called and said that we are to proceed with IVF with ICSI and I am to stop BCPs today and come in Friday for blood and sono and start stimming if everything is okay. Whew! That's a GIANT relief because I was really nervous that I'd be even more delayed if they couldn't find any sperm again and had to go another route. But they found about a million, so not great but something to work with anyway! Thank goodness!!:angel:
I hope everyone is dust all around!

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