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Hi KM - I am on day 3 of injections so I go on Wed for an ultrasound. I am on an antagonist protocol with 225 Follistim and 150 of Menopur daily for now. I am 38, I know i should have started this all a lot sooner, but after 2 years of trying, this is where we are. What kind of protocol do they have you on?
Hi koukla!!!:D OMG!! I am so happy for you! What amazing news! You must be over the moon!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!:blob_fire:bouncing:
Natty, I'm on 3 menopurs (I don't know how much is in each vial?!?:confused:) and 1 pill which is a dexamethasone that keeps progesterone down to have better egg quality. I've never been on either...well actually I took menopur once with my 2nd cycle but mostly was on follistim. I went in today and have some follies at around 5-6 (mm?). They called to continue the same protocol and I go back in on Thursday. Keep me posted on your symptoms and appointments!;)

I am sorry that I did not respond earlier to your request for a stimming buddy. I have been stimming, but have had a horrible week. I was on follistim and my estrogen went up way too high very quickly. So, I felt horrible physically and emotionally. I started stimming the friday before you did, I think. I took the follistim for one week and my estrogen shot up to 30,000. My follistim was stopped and now we are just hoping the estrogen will go down and the little follicles will continue to grow a little bit on their own. I had an appt this morning and had an u/s and bloodwork. My u/s showed about 80 small follicles, with a few that are the right size for retrieval but we have to wait until my estrogen comes down to a reasonable number. Right now I am waiting for the nurse to call me back with my estrogen. If it comes down to 7,000 or lower by the end of the week then I might be able to do E/R. I am praying that by some miracle my estrogen will come down to the perfect level. I will let you know when the results come back.

How are things going for you? Are you follicles growing? When is your next u/s? Are you as nervous about all of this as I am? I hope that your follicles are growing to the perfect size. Let me know what happens!

You are in my thoughts and prayers,
Natty, I wish you all the luck in the world for you IUI! At the moment, I am still doing IVF. Going to try follistim today and see what comes of that, but still no change in my follicles in the past 2 days even though they upped my dose from 4 to 6 menopurs!!:confused: We'll see...
I know what you mean about your friend. My twin sister is the same way. She is planning on her 2nd at the moment and called me (while I'm sitting in the RE's office) saying she has a dilema about getting pregnant in the next month, and wanting a baby in June and having a close friend's wedding the same month..."should I wait?" she asks...of course this is with the assumption she will get pregnant right away [I][U]again[/U][/I], which she of course is hoping for. Her daughter is almost 11 months old.:jester: Isn't that a nice dilema to have? Well, since my dilemas run way deeper than being hugely pregnant at a wedding, like umm, getting pregnant [I][U]at all[/U][/I]....clearly, my own sister doesn't even get it!!!:dizzy:
KM - good luck with the follistim. I was on 225ius then 300ius of Folistim and 2 vials of Menopur up until they cancelled it. What stim day are you on? My follies great pretty well after they cancelled IVF (go figure) but the Dr wasn't happy with my numbers: 19.8, 15.8, 15.5 and 11.5. Its a gamble but I think I could have gone ahead with IVF although some clinics won't go ahead with it until you have at minimum of 2 to 3 large follicles.
Until the RED fat lady sings...don't count yourself out yet!!;) Good luck and keep us posted!

As for me...I've been updating on the August/September cyclers thread. Follistim worked for me. They retrieved 19 eggs on Tuesday and 11 fertilized!!! I will find out today if I'm transferring tomorrow or Sunday.:D

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