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Re: 2ww anyone??
Aug 9, 2008
Hi TNT ok I had to respond to your post.Your story sounds all to familiar.Well back in May I did an IUI it was my 8th IUI yes my 8th.I did have one chemical in one of those tries so anyway day before beta I get some brown discharge. So of course I said why would this month be any different another BFN so I dident take my progesterone pills.Go in for beta knowing it was BFN had cried the day before got into a hugh fight with DH the day of beta I was just not a happy person.Anyway I get a call pretty early from RE's office actually I answer the phone and hear RE's voice I thought this is weird he never calls me.Anyway his voice sounded so happy he said are you sitting down I said no I am at the store.He said well BFP BFP and we probably have twins or triplets with such high numbers.

My first beta was in the 400's.I started shaking I couldent speak I just couldent believe it.He says come back in 2 weeks to have an u/s so I did and he confirmed twins we saw the h/b's and all.I never told RE I dident take my progesterone the day before or the morning of beta.I continued on them after that until week 9 I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with twins and they are doing great thank god and DH and I havent been this happy since our wedding day.My point is dont freak out god sent you these angels and just stay positive that they will be fine thats what I have done and so far I have had a good pregnancy the twins are growing like they should and all is good.CONGRATS my friend come and join us over in the pregnancy boards will look forward to having you.Take care and enjoy.

Eva :)

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