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I have a 9 year old and i am very lucky i have him. I was 22 when i got pregnant with him. Then when he was 5 i started trying to have another baby but i didnt get pregnant so easy. I tried for 5 months and then i asked the dr for clomid and i got pregnant the first month. At 24 weeks i found out that he was going to die at birth. They said i had no fluid and that was because his kidneys did not form. I also had placenta previa. I had to have an emergency c-section and i almost died at birth. It was the hardest thing i ever had to deal with. We started trying to get pregnant again 3 months after i delivered him in Jan 2005. I had a chemical pregnancy that month. So we started trying again but i couldnt get pregnant. I went on clomid for 3 months but nothing. So Oct 2005 we had my husbands sperm checked and we found out he had sorta low sperm count (grey zone area). He was sent to a urologist and we found out that he had 1 vas differin (One tube) that carries the sperm out. Then we found out he had 1 kidney. So now we know its genetic. We had my 9 year old checked and he has both of his kidneys thank God. We were told we had a 13 to 20% chance that our next baby would have some kind of kidney problem. Could be 1 kidney, no kidneys or small kidneys.
So we decided to start trying again in Jan 2006. We got my husbands sperm checked again and it was high then. I got pregnant in July 2006 but it ended in a miscarriage at 5 weeks. Then in March 2007 i went to a fertility specialist. He put me on clomid for 5 months with no luck. In Jan 2008 I had lap done and found out i have endometriosis. He said it was between a stage 2 and 3. My sister has endo and couldnt ever get pregnant. So i guess its genetic for me. So my dr put be on clomid 3 months and then tamoxifen for 1 month with no luck. My dr said that we should just have ivf but i dont have 10000.00 for it. I only make 17000 a year. I live in a poor small town. i have to drive an hour and a half to see specialist. I asked the dr about IUI and he said that its about the same as having intercourse at the right time and that it wouldnt do no good.
My husband thinks we should try a second opinion. What do you think?
I am depressed all the time. I not only lost my baby at birth but now i for some reason i havent been able to get pregnant. I am very thankful for my 9 year old though but i just want my empty arms to be filled.
I have a friend that has stage 3 to 4 endometriosis and she has been able to get pregnant twice. I dont understand. My dr said that my tubes were open and that the endo was mainly on the back part of my uterus. I do have a tilted uterus, would that make it harder for me to get pregnant?

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