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I'm looking at the big box of meds, needles, patches, and dispensers pondering if I am ready. I'm doing Estrogen patch protocol: estrogen patch a few days before the cycle starts, then Ganirelix for 3, then Brevelle, Menipure, Ganirelix, and Novarelle. I keep telling myself that it starts August 6, but in reality that's the day after tomorrow. My stomach already has butterflies.
How are the shots? What side effects do they have? If I know in advance, at least I can mentally prepare. The RE office already recited the side effects: bloating, bruising, whatever. Then at the end of the preprinted protocol, I see a narrow row: Pregnancy test.
I had a fight this morning with my DH: over something stupid, of course. I guess we're both nervous, although I wish my husband was more empathetic.
I'm nervous about the whole thing: how will itl go, how will I feel, will enough eggs grow, will they grow to a good size, how is the general anesthesia (never had that), will he produce a sperm sample that day, will the eggs fertilize and grow at a good rate, will they implant? Will the pregnancy, if any, miscarry? If it doesn't work, why? When do we start again? Will this give me cancer one day? Will this work ever? How do I feel about not having children?
This stupid fertility is not just about getting pregnant, isn't it? It has so many more implications.

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