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I'm looking at the big box of meds, needles, patches, and dispensers pondering if I am ready. I'm doing Estrogen patch protocol: estrogen patch a few days before the cycle starts, then Ganirelix for 3, then Brevelle, Menipure, Ganirelix, and Novarelle. I keep telling myself that it starts August 6, but in reality that's the day after tomorrow. My stomach already has butterflies.
How are the shots? What side effects do they have? If I know in advance, at least I can mentally prepare. The RE office already recited the side effects: bloating, bruising, whatever. Then at the end of the preprinted protocol, I see a narrow row: Pregnancy test.
I had a fight this morning with my DH: over something stupid, of course. I guess we're both nervous, although I wish my husband was more empathetic.
I'm nervous about the whole thing: how will itl go, how will I feel, will enough eggs grow, will they grow to a good size, how is the general anesthesia (never had that), will he produce a sperm sample that day, will the eggs fertilize and grow at a good rate, will they implant? Will the pregnancy, if any, miscarry? If it doesn't work, why? When do we start again? Will this give me cancer one day? Will this work ever? How do I feel about not having children?
This stupid fertility is not just about getting pregnant, isn't it? It has so many more implications.
Thanks for your encouraging words girls. Michelle, I will be thinking of you as you prepare for retrieval. They did put the IV in my wrist and I bruised but really no one at work has noticed. Plus I had a back up story about hitting it against something while cleaning or something and never used it. The whole process was very quick and afterwards just have your DH spoil you rotten, get lots of rest. I had to drink lots of gatorade and eat lots of protein to avoid OHSS but it really was rather nice to rest so much and take it easy. Congrats on the big follies too, that is great news!

I can't believe we are here too, post-transfer, and 6 days from my pregnancy test. Until now I was really good at the whole one-day-at-a-time thing. Now I am going crazy!

April, it is nice to see a fellow-Wisconsiner here too. Are you being treated in Madison or do you have a clinic where you are?

I am sending you both baby dust and positive vibes.
My transfer went well and it was very quick. I have a single grade 3 embryo (apparently that means the best quality). My pregnancy test is September 8. I think I'll plan an evening out with my husband for that evening-it it's good news, we'll celebrate with non-alcoholic champagne. If it's bad news, then we'll just mourn our loss and discuss the next step. In the mean time, I'm planning on taking it easy, return to normalcy after several weeks of an emotional roller-coaster. I actually feel relieved that this cycle is over. I'm encouraged by the fact that even if this cycle doesn't work, at least I have a good chance at getting some good quality embryos for the next cycles.
It was pretty neat to look at the picture of the embryo. Even though I'm not going to get other pictures of any future embryos from now on, I think it's just amazing how life really starts. I'm amazed how far technologically we've come. And I'm grateful that I live in the day and age that I can HOPE to achieve a pregnancy when naturally our odds of conception would be zero.
Hi Sam. KM on these boards has a daughter. Her first BETA was pretty low, but the important thing is that the numbers did end up doubling, and she had a healthy pregnancy. She always says she thinks her daughter just implanted later. While implantation does typically happen within a certain time period, it can be later for some people (just like some people ovulate later than 14 days). Unfortunately, this stuff isn't an exact science, otherwise none of us would have a problem getting PG!

I guess I'm a little confused by your nurse's reaction. You haven't gotten your beta number yet, have you? If not, what are they basing their reaction on? Did you take a urine test? Also, I can't imagine why they're coming to any conclusions based off of one need a second beta to see if things are at least doubling.

I really hope things end up positively for you. Good luck! - April
Hi April,

No I did not take a urine test, just a blood test and the beta number will be given to me this afternoon when the lab has my results. The nurse explained to us that because the line was so faint on the test, it could be a chemical pregnancy but they could not be sure until the numbers were in.

KM's story really fills me with hope though. I can only hope that my situation parallels hers. You are so right about all this not being an exact science. It is just that IVF almost makes it seem like it is, but ultimately it is still up to each person's body as to whether it works or not.

I will keep you posted.
Hi, Everyone!
I hope everyone is having a nice Labor Day weekend! I went away for 3 days just to take my mind off. It was impossible! Next monday, the 8th, I go in for a blood test. I don't think I have any pregnancy symptoms that are not related to the progesterone that I'm taking:-my boobs ache like somebody punched me there, mild cramping once in a while, tired (by noon time I'm ready for a nap). The Endometrin is making me cranky and moody (I'm usually cheerful). I hate this wait. I hate these stupid vaginal tablets. Why can't they make it into tablet form, like birth control pills?! I just dread having to go through this again if this failed.
I don't feel pregnant, besides some mild cramping, some wild dreams, moody and cranky. It can just be the progesterone. Do women usually feel pregnant so early on? I've got less than a week to go. I'm praying for some tell tale signs of pregnancy.
On top of it all, my sisters in law know we are going through ivf and that my husband has some issues with his SA. One just made a horribly cruel comment last night in front of her husband and her other sister that my husband (her own brother) is not man enough because he can't father his own children like her husband could (they have 4). Can you believe that?! My DH was so hurt. I wasn't there to witness it, but how can someone be so cruel? As we are awaiting these test results, he will feel so hurt if the test is negative.

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