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Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much for responding to my post and sharing your story with me. I am so very sorry for your losses; even though I know those words really don’t make it any easier.
You mentioned that you did the IUI, were you on Clomid as well?
Also I was wondering if you could advise me on which tests your doctor has performed on you.
My husband’s sperm was tested and everything looks normal, I have been on an antibiotic as well my husband has to rule out a bacteria causing miscarriages, we went for an HSG which showed my tubes are clear, we were both sent for kareotyping which is a blood test to check for chromosomal anomalies, progesterone levels have been checked an I was put on prometrium as a precaution, now doing the clomid. As I mentioned in my last post the doctor that I am currently seeing is recommending that I see a specialist if I miscarry one more time. Its funny really, this coming from a man who really has no idea what its even like to suffer one miscarriage, never mind to ask someone to try one more time like its no big deal. In the end I have agreed to it.

I have just recently done some research of my own to discover that with in my family I have two Aunts who have a blood clotting disorder, and one of the two women was hospitalized with two of her pregnancies because of the clotting. This I believe is something worth investigating further, however I still need to chat with my doctor about it at my next appointment. In the meanwhile I have put myself of one baby aspirin a day after reading story after story of women who have had success with the baby aspirin.

I have to agree with you; how many times people have said that it just happened, when they stopped ‘trying’. When we first started ‘trying’ it took us a full year to even conceive. It was like we put all this pressure on getting pregnant, and once we decided we were done ‘trying’ it just happened, and has happened four times without really ‘trying’. Now if we could just get the little bugger to stay in there and make a happy home we’d be doing really well.

This pregnancy I think I am going to try a new thing...staying positive. I think there is something to be said about positive thinking. Seeing the end goal as something attainable. In the past I have been preparing myself from the minute I get a positive pregnancy test, that this isn’t going to last. Terrible I know but it’s the only way I thought I should approach each pregnancy. Prepare yourself for the worst that way it won’t hurt as bad. Ya right, where in the world did I ever get that idea. So with this one I am going to try the positive thing. Why not, it can’t hurt any more that it already has.

Thank you so much for the book suggestion. I really do appreciate any sort of reading I can do to help further educate myself on this subject…and who is kidding who…I really need the hope!

Thanks again for listening and sharing.
Take care,
Hi Lisa,

I did not have clomid for the IUI - if you see on another post at the moment I have a bit of an issue with unnecessary drugs....and the way I see it if I am ovulating every 29/30 days why interfere? My consultant brought me around to this way of thinking though - initially I was all for trying everything at once until I realised it has no impact on the success of a cycle...

As for the tests I have had...well....I will try to remember......husband had sperm and chromosome testing. I have had all the usual fertility tests (progesterone, FSH, LH etc) and then on top of that the HSG.....and then the recurrent m/c specialist sent me for a uterine cavity exam, and blood tests for chromosome abnormality, antiphospholipid antibodies (lupus), thrombophilia (blood clotting) erm.....i think that is all so far.

I am also under a fertility acupuncturist, and as part of the miscarriage programme I am about to see a nutritionist. Finally I have been subsequently referred to a consultant who is specifically working on immunology issues affecting pregnancy and have blood tests scheduled with him in early October. It is overwheming!!!

About staying positive - I have joined a peer support group for infertility at my acupuncture clinic and we had our first helped. I am throwing everything at this since the last m/c - I am changing whatever needs changing!! I have started meditating, joined a gym and started yoga in the past few weeks and I am totally open to the nutritionist as well (I have been vegetarian since I was 13....but maybe I need some fish?!). If we went through this 4 times it must mean we really want a family right? So whatever it takes...who knows what will be the thing to work?

If I could give you any advice it would be don't wait for another m/c!! Go get tested. Research shows that with some causes of m/c the more times you get pregnant the harder it is to successfully treat the cause even when it is found. My National Health consultant told me last year "go and have another miscarriage and then we can test you"......and I went straight out to find the best specialist I could and had private tests. I may not have avoided another m/c but I have given myself comfort that I am doing everything I can to make this work - these Dr's who tell you "have another m/c" are CRAZY!!! They obviously have no idea what it takes every time from your heart and soul Lisa and they should be ignored..

I wish you all the luck in the world.
Kel xxx

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