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Hey there, I don't know if I can help a lot, but I might be able to a little. I took the progesterone suppository from the day I found out I was pregnant with my son 6 years ago until I was 10 weeks. I was doing clomid & IUIs. We found out my progesterone level was VERY low, so my Dr. put me on prometrium to help keep the pregnancy, I did keep him and he was very healthy....I hope that helps reassure you a little. As far as the other questions, just insert it as far as you can, the closer to the cervix the better. You won't be able to push it too far...don't worry. You don't need to break it open at all, it will disolve. If you have the ability to lay for a while after that's better. You will have some discharge when it disolves. As far as dosaging, I don't know much.
I will leave you with a funny story...After we found out about my levels were low all my Dr told me was that he was called in a rx to my pharmacy, so I went to get it and took it home. The outside of the bottle said, "Take 1 pill twice a day orally" so I did. 1 week later I went to see him and he asked how the suppository was going. My DH said My face turned white. I was taking a vaginal supp orally! Sounds gross doesn't it! The pharmacy did say they were sorry. So my levels were really low, and I was taking it wrong, and now he is riding a tote lid down the stairs. So I feel like it will all work out. I hope I helped some.

Thanks Kristina, that is a funny story!;)
gr8faith, I did call the emergency line...the nurse was the one that suggested the suppositories which I don't know if I would have thought of on my own since they came with my first set of meds during my fresh IVF and I never used them. She never said I could take 2 doses at once and I would think she would have said so if I could. :jester:

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