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Okay, here is my story. My partner (a woman) and I decided to finally start trying to have a baby. I am at a place in my career where I really am not worried about advancing any farther (I am a full professor at a University). We tried for the first time in August using donor sperm and a syringe. We didn't realize that the chances of that working were like slightly less than 0, using washed sperm. No one at the sperm bank told us that, thanks a lot (at like $700 a pop!!). Anyway, so we tried two times on our own, tracking my LH surge and then doing home insemination. Then we had my OB/GYN do an IUI a few months later that didn't work. In November we hooked up with this fertility expert. He is amazing, as I have said. He did a bunch of tests on me and everything was looking good. I have never had any kind of problems with my period or anything like that. One of our problems is that a person cannot be diagnosed as infertile unless she's been trying to conceive via unprotected intercourse for two years, but of course, as a same sex couple, that hasn't been our "scene".

So, this is our first try with any meds at all--because of my age the risk of multiples is pretty low, so they hit me up with follistim and I had three follicles that were looking big. We did the hCG shot and then the IUI (just once)with donor sperm the next day. We got to see the sperm under the microscope right before the IUI and it really looked like it was RARIN' to go!! I was a little freaked out by the sight of so much activity!!!

We had been complaining about how long it was taking and feeling like it would never ever work out for us, and regretting not trying sooner. Now we are feeling like "OH MY LORD!" It is so exciting and crazy. My sister is the mom of two spectacular kids and she has been wonderfully positive and supportive. I do find myself feeling weepy for my mom, who died about 10 years ago. If we have a girl, we'll name her after my mother....

Thanks to everyone here for your well wishes. We are telling so few people and it is crazy-making to be unable to talk about this! I don't know when I get to have an ultrasound. I have a blood test tomorrow and I assume at some point I'll get back with my OB/GYN. Right now, I am feeling like I am going to puke. So, excuse me. :)

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