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I guess I must have a TON of willpower. Every time I've taken a pg test, I've gotten the BFN, then af a few hours later. I've learned not to waste my money on stuff like that when I can spend it on Krispy Kremes......... :) I did IUI on the 9th & 10th but have been told by my nurse I can't test until the 27th or 28th. I have been checking my temps in the mornings though, and they're slowly going down, so I think I'm done for this month :( Hope the rest of you have better luck.
Talked to the dr. yesterday - apparently, all his patients start injectables on the same day so he only has to work one weekend every month with the monitoring/ultrasounds/IUI's. Also, I have an HMO so we all use one central clinic for the testing (though I see my dr in another) and they try to keep all the dr's rotated so they're not swamped one week with people and have nobody the next. At any rate, the March cycle just started last week, before I got my period and I'm not able to join in this round. The dr also told me he wants my ovaries to "rest" since they were sooooooooo swollen and sore (I was in bed for 5 straight days because I could barely sit up) So, I'm back on the pill this month, can go back on gonal-f at the end of March. Not thrilled, but at least I have partial insurance for this stuff, I'm trying to look on the bright side. The not-so-bright side is that if it doesn't work in March, I'll have to wait until November or so to try again because of my job.

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