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I am very new to this message board, but I've been around a long time when it comes to TTC. I have a 4yo daughter (my id and my miracle). I am writing because I have been reading the posts over the past 2 months, not replying/writing but just reading and praying for all of you. If I can tell you my story and give you a couple of other "stories of hope" maybe it would spark a little fire of hope for you guys, and make your weekend a little brighter.

I work in medicine and had mild endo 6 years ago. I wasn't TTC but knew the signs/symptoms of endo very well. I had surgery and got the all clear to try naturally. Didn't work x 3 months so because I work in the business, I saw an RE pretty quickly. Clomid for 2 months then 1 month with IUI - nothing. Christmas time, clinic says "we don't do procedures over the holidays". Took clomid with BD but NO HOPE of a baby, drank champagne, enjoyed time with the family, BAM - preganant. Miracle for me. (sorry long story that gets longer)

One year later, 1yo DD, no BC and trying without getting PG. At that time, my DH was not so darling. We went as close to divorce as you can get, we had just moved away from all my family, my dad found out he had cancer, ALL the big stresses life can throw at ya minus death in the family. We were TTC all through this and had insurance to cover EVERYTHING, even IVF with a 10$ copay. However we decided to take 2 years off to reconstruct a marriage which was the best thing we could've done. Best friends now and what I think is the best marriage of anyone I know. But after a year and 1/2 of clomid/IUI then on to injectables with IUI and another endo. surgery (still only mild again), I was told IVF or no baby. Hmmmm. How did I get PG the first time?

Well, I think there is a plan and that it is so hard to see it and trust that there really is one. I also think stress is underestimated in how much it effects our bodies. Now we are set up to do IVF but guess what? No insurance coverage at all, due to job change. I decided to take a few months to "get ready", massage, accupuncture with herbs and time to just mentally prepare. I feel more balanced now and force myself to think less about another baby and the miracle I have in my daughter and my husband. I have more to tell but want to know if you are tired of my rambling....(smile)

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