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i'm wondering if anyone can help me out here...

i'm 21 years old, and have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. it's mainly been the same guy. when i was 20, i was diagnosed with mild endometriosis, and they found i have a bicornuate shaped uterus. and today i was diagnosed with vaginismus i think it's called.

anyway, i just recently read something saying that if you have endo but it's not on your fallopian tubes or ovaries, you shouldn't have fertility problems (if it's mild or minimal). i had 2 spots, one on my bladder, and one on the pouch of douglas. nowhere near my tubes. in fact they put fluid through them during my lap, and found that the tubes are open and perfectly fine.

so what i'm curious about is if it's my uterus shape that's making it so hard to become pregnant. i'm getting an HSG next month to find out if there's a septum or not, so i really don't know how bad it is right now.

is there anyone that can help me with this? i'm nearly suicidal because i'm so depressed about not being able to have kids. i've wanted kids since the day i found out i had the organs to carry them, and if i find out i can't, i will be crushed.


i don't live at home, so my dad isn't a problem anymore. the only problem i have is this stupid bicornuate shaped uterus and endometriosis. the bipolar thing is being treated and when i'm on the medication you wouldn't even know i'm sick. and i do take it every day so i can sleep. i'm mosly manic so without the meds i don' sleep.

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