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Hi Mare - so glad your IUI went well - I had really bad cramping after the IUI, no pinkish stuff as you described... I took a booster shot today of HCG which was weird - they told me to do that 7 days after the IUI.... Anywya, I still have a very full feeling in my stomach kind of like the way it feels after you hold your pee for too long... I cant test til the 14th of March - you will probably test the last week in March, right? Oh gosh, I have my fingers and toes crossed for all of us! If you continue to feel discomfort, don't hesitate to call your doctor. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and I look forward to hearing from you soon! :-) jen

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O frig'n nuts Jenn!!!!...Dam cysts!!!..Did they say they came from the meds or HCG?...Did you get to see the U/S pics?...Im so sorry to hear that. If its not 1 thing, its another huh!...I dont know if I can call them cramps or aches..I feel like I got minor shooting ache pain like in the back..So I think nothing of it or my mind will go insane...Already ahead of the game, determined 1 more IUI than Im dune til I win the lottery or 2 years worth of saving for IVF...I also want to complain to my DH union on such ****ty coverage we have...He dont want me to, cus he doesnt want to go be4 the board and complain...I WILL!!! If I dont complain, and dam, there has to be other woman like me out of 1100 people that neeed these procedures and pay out ofpocket!!! Ok I just got my credit card bill and this is why Im pissing and moaning...I jus paid 12,000 off to clear it and 3 months Drs and tests and meds, I owe dam $7200. and got nothing butt pinholes and bruises to show for it...Thats fine tho..LOL no it AINT!...Every 1 enjoy your day and Jenn, I figure no biopsy friday than?...Are the pain meds at least goood? [img][/img] and pain meds are OK if you are PG?...Will cycsts go away by themselves even?...Good Luck to you and rest this weekend...Can you walk around or does it hurt that much...Im keeping you in my prayers! Take care of yourself!...Mare

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