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Just curious about your friend that did IVF - how many cycles did it take and what was her diagnosis that made her need IVF? I am getting closer every month to start my IVF ride and am needing to hear some positive stories (like it only took one try - since that is all I have!) I don't know if you've read any of my posts but I'm doing accupuncture and herbs right now, my last ditch effort and really just to get as healthy and as calm as possible before I do this. I also have OCD which makes this process of trying sooooooo hard so any little calming mechanism helps. Let me know
Marie, sorry to hear about the negative, I've been watching and praying for you. Good attitude too! I wish you luck and great success with IUI if that is what you decide to do or IVF. One thing I was told while I was battling between more shots/IUI or IVF was the "five and dime" away your money on 25% odds or spend it all with around 50%. Now that I type it out, it doesn't seem to help much though.(smile) Good luck to ya!

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