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Hi Emster! We had only tried IUI once before without using any meds--just going from my LH surge. It didn't work. I started feeling very antsy about getting older and older with each passing cycle so our doctor referred us to a fertility doc. He was awesome--at first I thought he was a jerk because he lectured me for a long time on waiting so long. Hello? If I could make myself younger I would have. But eventually he became really our absolute savior. We went over a variety of options and he basically said that we should consider jumping some steps. Because of my age the risk of multiples was very low and so he suggested just skipping Clomid and going straight to injectibles (follistim). We decided to go for it. We had one cycle where I had one follicle that was too big to start on the follistim. So we waited one more. Finally, we were able to start. We did the follistim injections once a day for about 7 days (with U/Ss throughout to check how things were going), then had the hCG shot and did an IUI the next day. The IUI was definitely the worst part of it all. But it took only a few minutes and that was it. And believe it or not that REALLY was it. We got pregnant on the first try with the meds. I have been on progesterone suppositories ever since the IUI. We had already decided that we would try IUI three times and that we would not go to the next level (IVF). Our plan B was to have my partner try with her ovaries if it didn't work after three tries with mine!

I will say that we changed our approach to picking sperm donors throughout the process. For the first one we were very concerned about matching up traits and stuff. After that we were most interested in the person meeting a minimum "humanity" requirement and then, essentially HAVING LOTS AND LOTS OF SPERM. Our donor had a really high sperm count and high motility.

Hang in there!! It is totally possible and I certainly wish you a day like I had yesterday very very soon!

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