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I too do not have most of the symptoms for PCOS, except that I don't ovulate...(which is a big problem!) I was on the pill most of my 20's and never had irregular cycles when I was off it or before i went on it....however, now I do...since i went off the pill in 11/01 i have gotten period twice all by myself...when i began clomid last fall i took provera to start my period and it always worked really well...
my first doctor told me that i had PCOS but she could never tell definitely why, i don't think there is one test that can prove it...when i went to the specialist, i asked her and she said i definitely have it...
So wait, I know I'm beating this into the ground but I'm still a little confused. There's no possible way to know if you have PCOS or not? And my main question: If I DO have PCOS, what should I be doing so that I can still get pregnant in the future? I'm taking the pill now, is that helpful? The one gyno I went to that told me I probably had PCOS said that the pill keeps the cysts off the ovaries and I would be fine. When I had the ultrasound done of my uterus, they only saw one of my ovaries and I guess it was INCREDIBLY small and shrivelled because it's never been used for ovulating. Yikes....why can't these doctors get their act together? I'm 23 and shouldn't have to be getting medical advice on a message board...I should be able to trust my doctors to diagnose my situation right and give me the proper treatment. I'm afraid if I don't find this out now, it could effect me later.

One other thing I didn't mention above.....when they started me on the pill back when I was 15, they had me take provera to initiate my period, then I went on the pill. HOWEVER, the side effects of the pill I was on were driving me nuts so during my sophomore year of college I (with permission of the dr) went off them for 6 months. I never started a period on my own. The doctor then put me again on provera to start a period, and then I was going to do the pill again. Well, I took the provera and no period came. Apparently, this is not good. Everyone thought I was pregnant, which was totally impossible unless it was the second coming of Christ. I went on the provera again and it started right up the second time, but why didn't it work the first time?

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your stories, you really have encouraged me to pursue this in great detail.

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