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Jody C

First, I must apologize to you. I thought you had read my other post to someone regarding PCOS. We are not currently ttc. After taking the metformin for 6 months, we got pg. I thought multiple times that I had a miscarriage, but thankfully I was able to carry to 37 weeks, and had him early. I'm sorry if I led you to believe I was currently ttc. I really do know what you are going through. Please don't be mad at me, I did not mean to mislead you. We tried for 7-8 years before I got pg.

I just want to be of support and help since we both have PCOS and I took metformin and you are taking it now. Are you going to continue the HCG shots and going in for u/s? Or are you waiting till the insurance kicks back in? If you are waiting on the insurance, and all you are going to be doing is taking the metformin, I suggest getting a basal body thermometer and watching your temperatures. According to my MD when your temp actually rises, you have already ovulated. Also, watch your cervical mucus, and if it is really thick, you can get cough medicine with guafenisin (sp?) in it and it will help thin out the mucus. Let me know if you have any questions. I have a friend who has the same thing and her RE gave her metformin and clomid together.

By the way all we did was took the metformin. Actually, I kind of stopped thinking about getting pg I was just happy that I was having a normal period every 4 weeks like clockwork. Then, it all blew up and the office I was working in (to begin with by myself) I had been working there 2 years alone and was beginning to need help. The administrator let me pick who I wanted to help me, she came to work for me in May knowing that I had been ttc for about 5 years, and while I know it was not her fault, can you believe after she started working for me in May than one Monday morning I went in to work in June and she was holding a positive pg test in my face. It was all I could do not to cry, needless to say I spent alot of time in the bathroom crying that day. However, then next month I was pg too. I truly know what you are going through. Please ask any ? if you want. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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