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IUI and cramping
Mar 28, 2003
Hi all- I have been having a lot of cramping since my IUI. Is that normal? My IUI was monday and now it is Friday and I feel all PMS symtoms and cramping. I am so moody and depressed. Is that from taking the clomid or the 2ww? Does anyone else have any of the same symptoms? Plse help. Thanks
hi Teener~
I am on second round of IUI/clomid. 100mg. I had some cramping after procedure..When is your AF due?? I am on 2 ww also. on 9dpo. I have been a bit crampy since a few days ago. Hoping the dreaded af doesnt rear its ugly head! Id call ur doc if u feel really uncomfortable with the cramping.. baby dust always to u and eveyrone else!!A
Hi--I don't have a lot of cramping, but I do have the moodiness and depression. I am not sure of what it is from. I did have some cramping right after the IUI. I have been thinking about you, Tina! If you find anything out, let me know-baby dust to you :) hang in there
Hi Tina - I'm on CD7 and have been taking chlomid for 5 days now and start my injectables tonight. I have a lot of cramping right now and I've just felt BLAH [img][/img] I go in for my second u/s on Friday and then I guess I'll have an idear of when they wanna do my IUI thingie. Hope everything goes well for you!
Tell me more about clamping the cervix. I don't have cramping after my IUI's but they bout killed me right there on the table. (I'm being very dramatic, but it did hurt) The cath does not go right in, so they guess my cervix is angled funny. Eventually this last time, after taking MULTIPLE "stabs" at it without success, they changed the cath to a thinner one that would bend more easily to my shape. It stayed painful, but went in more easily. No one said anything about clamping it...wonder if that would be easier and quicker...
I had cramping after my IUI but the doctor said that was normal --- It could me because of all the medicated. Just remember that you are putting your body threw alot when you are trying with any kinds of fertility med. HORMONES are going crazy first we take shots or meds. to produce more eggs and then we take a shot to make ourselve ovalute. But then again i've heard the the cramping is a good sign of pregnancy !! :}

Lots of luck !!!!

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