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Re: Fsh level
Apr 3, 2003
My DR told me to make all blood test and dye before starting any injectibles , this was from 8 month , and i can remember that my FSH while fasting was 5.8 and my LH was 13 , but really i can`t remember what he answered me about this levels but i think that he said that the LH is a little bit high , but i don`t know what is the adequate level has to be ?
by the way i forgot to tell u that my whole life i have irregular period , some times i have my period every 35 days some times 45 , some times 32 and so on , and after marriage i have some thing called (amenorrhea) which mean not to have a periodi asked the doctor about the reason for that he said because i`m thinking from the first day of marriage to have a baby and this makes alot of changes in my body , he means it is (pscologically)
the first month of injectibles i tried GonalF with natural intercourse but i get hyperstimulation and i was with my DH for 2 days only because it is hard for me to have sex during this hyper
the 2nd month i tried Gonal F again but the Dr decrease the dose to 75U instead of 150U and this time i have alot of folicles too like the first time but my Estrogen was only 106 so this is a bad level which mean that 75U is so bad for me and it didn`t work this time but the doctor try this time my first IUI and sure it was negative
and the third time he tried also Gonal with seconed IUI and all my levels was good but also negative
this is my fourth month taking injectibles but this time i`ll try follistim with natural intercourse

I tried the IUI 2 times but it didn`t work for me , i`ll not try it again as my husband semen analysis is good so no need to do IUI

I think your doctor will ask u to make a dye to be sure that ur follopian tubes are okay , i hope so , the dye is not that hard like the pap smear with some cramps ,

sorry for writing alot


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