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Hi, I follow these boards but have a hard time keeping up, so I haven't been an avid poster lately, although I do keep track of my infertility sisters. Sorry for the long post, but this was a long ordeal. I started on these boards after my first miscarriage almost two years ago, in Sept of 2006. It was my first pregnancy after 7 months of trying. Five months later I had a second miscarriage.

I was lucky to get in to see a RE, although at first they discouraged me, saying they usually wait till three miscarriages. I just knew something was wrong. After my second mc, I was having pretty consistent rectal bleeding during my periods, and strange spotting all month long. I was in pain all month, and my periods were extremely painful, although were not unusually heavy or long. They did the normal testing, HSG, clotting, progesterone (which was low with each pregnancy, even on Crinone - prog. supplement). I had to get a colonoscopy for the rectal bleeding, which only found some swelling.

I was getting sicker each month, and suspected endo, but the RE was somewhat reluctant to investigate, because it didn't show up in an obvious way on the tests, and it required a lap to diagnose. They describe it as a "separate issue." But when they said a CT scan was next, I knew that would not see endo, and what the heck were they looking for at that point? I talked to my RE, and he agreed to a lap instead. I had my lap in July 2007, and they found endo! It was light on one side, but the left side, which always caused more pain, was really bad, and it had attached to my colon and pelvic bone. It was so bad in the bad places, he didn't want to touch it, and so light it the light places he didn't want to touch it.

So the next step was Lupron which suppresses your hormones to kill the endo, which I was so scared to go on because of all the horror stories on the internet. I made a second appt with the dr to talk to him about it again because I was so unsure. I didn't want to be menopausal, and was afraid about stories of bone aches, headaches, and acne (I have migraines and acne problems enough). My RE put me on add-back therapy, and said that if I was really having problems with it, it was reversible with medication. I had one shot a month. I had some hot flashes but it was fine because I started it in October so my house was really cold anyway. The mood swings were not bad, and the other things I worried about never happened.

I decided to take the full 6 months of lupron because the plan was another surgery after the medication, in hopes that it had died down enough to easily operate on and remove. I had the surgery in June of 2008, and had to have 6-8 inches of my colon removed. They also found a cyst of endo on my left ovary which they removed. The rest looked good because of the medication. I was in the hospital for 8 days, and was not allowed to eat most of that time. I have a 4-5 in vertical scar from my belly button down to my bikini line. Not so pretty, but worth it I think. My belly is still a little numb and sore around the scar.

I am still healing, but my first period was amazing! It was a breeze, it felt at its worse what it felt like at its best while on painkillers before. Other issues with potty problems went away as well. After only one month I was given the go ahead to start trying again. We did ok the first month, but didn't kill ourselves trying, and I am pretty sure we missed the O day. Well, two weeks later, my bbs were bigger and sore, which is not my regular AF symptom. I had to pee a little more, so I thought what the heck, I have to pee any way, I'll do a HPT. It turned BFP so fast I could not believe it!!! I had never gotten pregnant so quick, I never thought that could happen to me. My first round of blood work showed my prog level to be 18, and I had never gotten above 13, even while on expensive progesterone supplements.

I am sure removing the endo was why I was able to get pregnant so quickly and easily, and why my progesterone was high. I had read the endo does lower the production of prog. My RE has followed me with several scans, and I am now 10 weeks, and going to my new dr tomorrow. They did find a clotting issue (Factor 2) after testing me again, and recommended a baby aspirin. I am still very cautious, and just told my family over the weekend. But at this point I am sure that going to the RE after 2 mc was the correct action, which finally led to answers and treatment.

Please push your doctors if you know something is not right. You should not have to wait until three mcs. Endo is tricky to find, and they tend to try to rule out everything under the sun before they will consider it, so you have to be persistent. The treatment was very successful in my case, and I am (still) pregnant right now because of it. ;)

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