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Hi there!

Don't worry. My HB had a similar diagnosis, but his motility & count have improved in only 3 months, after he cut down to 3 units of alcohol per week, starting eating 5 portions of fruit & veg and cut down on work stress.

ICSI is only 2% less successful than normal IVF. And IVF is very successful for male factor infertility. my clinic has a 52% success rate for IVF with male factor infertility, as opposed to 30% success rate overall. Do you have any diagnosis other than male factor infertility?

We were originally down for IVF with ICSI, but the doctors will now see whether HB's sperm is OK on the day.

Don't worry. At least you now have a solid diagnosis of why you haven't conceived yet. It's worth going ahead with IVF & ICSI. You can learn a lot more about your fertility from the process of going through IVF.

Hope you feel better soon! Sending you lots of love & hugs

London Calling

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