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Re: ? for Mrs. R
Apr 14, 2003
Hi. I know exactly what you are going through. I am only 33 (34 in July). My FSH is 9.6--not outrageous, but still elevated. I have tried clomid 6 times, and I didn't respond. The last time was with an IUI, and we were given a 5-10% chance it would result in something, but since it wasn't a zero chance, we took it--but AF showed. So we moved on to injectables. The first time, it was 2 amps of Repronex, but again, I didn't respond. We did an IUI with that too, and AF showed on day 19--while we were out of town about 1700 miles away from home. It was awful!! So my RE bumped us up to an IVF dosage of injectables w/o doing IVF. He just wanted my ovaries to respond to something. That was in December, and I can't even begin to tell you how sick I got. I was vomitting for 10 days, and on my day 8 u/s, there was no response anyway, so we cancelled the rest of the cycle. In Feb, we tried one more time hoping that December was just a bad cycle and maybe even the flu on top of it all. No such luck. The same thing happened--vomitting. My RE thinks I might be allergic to a compound in the injections--not the injections themselves.

Since October last year (the first no response inj cycle), my RE has been mentioning DE to us. Since I don't respond and the elevated FSH, I have ovarian reserve deficiency, so we need an egg. I am an emotional wreck regarding this. We are seeking a second opinion in June (the earliest we could get in). I am hoping the new doc will have some secret potion to give me that I can use my own genetics!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helps. It is an incredibly hard and painful decision to make. I wish you luck with yours.


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