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Re: Follicle size
Apr 12, 2003
LOL...Botox! I want me some new booopeys if this 3rd IUI dont work..but he aint budging! On day 5 with (2 days , 3 vials repronex, I got follicles, bout 11 of them and lining started at 3 point ssomething... After 7 nights, 21 vials of repronex, had me 4 size 20's on the right, 2-20's on the left and rest were bout 16 in size...Lining, day by day kept going up and las day of meds it was at 9 point something..They claim good lining, they claim nice egg size and alls I got was, 2 cysts and 1 polyp...Not bad I say! I sure do miss the repronex! just waiting for AF, 2 days ago...Im playing detective trem..chek your email! Its a far shot but I may be right LOL Enjoy your day! Mare...O and I asked bout Redbank Rad, cus I was in there with a girl back in Sept/Oct that was getting die test dune..From Damions office...Could it been you?...Trivia, Day I was there, some young girl was crying hysterical in waiting room and did u eat a valium for the test? LOL

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