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hey momma.., I couldn't wait to get back to work and tell you what my RE's nurse told me. I asked her about checking my progestrone level and she said that it wouldn't be accurate because I am taking a progestrone supplement. I told her that you had did your IUI the day after me and that your doctor has you on progestrone suppositories and that you was going wednesday to get your progestrone level check. She said that --- yes women have a progestrone test but also they get a postovulation test which includes a ultrasound too. She asked me if i ever had one after IUI and I told her no --- she said that is would be a good idea for me but I can't be on progestrone and take it. I will definately asked my RE about this.... I asked her does this test should if a women ovulate or not and she said -- yes. She had my chart and she said that my progestrone and estrogen levels were high the day I had my IUI. Are they going to give you a ultrasound too ????? The nurse told me that since everything looked good for me and I was on progestrone pills --- that they didn't want me to have to drive there to take another test -- I live alittle over a hour away -- ha don't believe that !!

Now ---- This is what we are going to do --------------ha ----- when you go to your RE wednesday asked them how true of a test this will be since you are on progestrone and please get all the information you can get on what they are seeing etc. My nurse said that next time we can do the test ---- I told her that hopefully their won't be a NEXT TIME !!!!! For the both of us !! oh !! Ask your nurse what was your progestrone and estrogen level the day of IUI. just curious !!

so --- enough business ha ---- how are you feeling ?? I could just choke someone at times. I have some cramping still and I've gotton dizzy a few times but I think its all the med. But your right the time is going pretty fast ---- one more week !!! I might test Easter morning --- but i'm sure it will be too soon !! Will this be your first baby ?? See how i'm thinking positive !!!!!! lol

well -- I'll be waiting to hear from you --- take it on the light side girlie !!!!!
hey momma ---- this will be my first angel too !!
I'm really hoping that I have twins -- a boy and a girl --- but that asking too much. I just want it to happen so bad -- it really doesn't matter what sex.

So let me get this straight -- you got to the doctor and you are only seeing the lab people..... no one to ask question to. ?? I think you should call today and ask them why they aren't doing a ultrasound too ??
well tell the lab people that you are on progestrone supp... and asked them if it will effect the test any ??? I take my test next tuesday but i might sneek one in Easter sunday !!! You should be taking your next wednesday --- right !??!!!
Momma ------

Why are you throwing in the towel so soon --- we came this far togther -- now straighten up !!!!! When you take your progestrone test you will feel better !! we have to stay positive -- I know if it does work --- I'll do it again !!!! and again and again and when it does work and I have my baby --- that means no presents for him or her for a year and I'm gonna knock him in the head for being so subborn [img][/img]

now put a smile on your face and be thankful for the day and hopefully tommorrow will be better day for you. It's it tommorrow that you go take your test --- let me know !!!!!! :)

Take it on the light side !!!! [img][/img]

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